About me

7 years old

Birthday: April 2014

I’m Raoul, the leader of the Squirrel monkey troop. I’m curious, playful, and always watching. Maki and Bongo are my best friends…I love teaching them acrobatic tricks to perform in the mangroves, while we run and play like we always do. My favorite game is playing tag with all the other monkeys…we tackle each other and roll around playing. I’m the biggest Squirrel monkey in size, but I feel very little when hanging with the Capuchins…I didn’t care for them much at first, but because Bongo likes them so much, we ended up spending a lot of time with them and now we’re friends! Poncho is my favorite Capuchin monkey because of how wise he is, you know, he kind of reminds me of myself. Bongo and I become Batman & Robin whenever the girls call for help, and we always save the day…but just so you know, Bongo is Robin, and I’m Batman. I think Maki is very beautiful, but I think she hasn’t realized that I’m into her…maybe in the future we will start dating.

My hobbies

Performing acrobatic tricks in the mangroves and playing tag are my all-time favorite activities. Hanging with the Capuchins is fun too, since they have accepted Bongo and I in their crew

My favorite foods

I have a weakness for all fruits and nuts. I love it when visitors come to our island because they always offer me yummy seeds.

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