About me

5 years old

Birthday: June 2015

I’m a Geoffroy’s tamarin monkey from Panama. I’m very vocal and sometimes people say I sound like a bird. When I wake up, I usually relax for about an hour before becoming fully active, but then I remain active for most of the day, and I’m always on the lookout for someone to brush my fur especially if it’s with my favorite comb that only I get to use…I also like chasing birds until I make them leave our island because if anyone’s going to be making bird noises around here, that’s gonna be me. I’m super energetic until approx. an hour before sunset, then I’m ready to cuddle up in my fluffy nest with my favorite blanket and call it a day.

My hobbies

I love playing in the trees, and being chased by my good friends the Squirrel monkeys (they live next door to me and have accepted me as one of them).

My favorite foods

I like all fruits and nuts in general, but I have a weakness for grapes. My favorite snacks are sea snails, spiders, and hibiscus flowers. I’m a little spoiled and prefer my grapes and apples peeled.

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