About me

2 years old

Birthday: July 2019

I’m Kwaïti, the oldest male of the Capuchin troop. I’m skillful, smart, and forever curious. Although Toutie is the matriarch and leader of the group in strength, the truth is…I’m the brains behind all our mischievous adventures. I’m highly empathetic, kind, and friendly with all the other monkeys. I don’t like to show off my strength, or stand up to any of the other monkey-like Toutie does, instead I prefer to mind my own business, hang with my brother Bongo, and splash in the water all day…I usually shower at least 5 times a day. No other monkey enjoys being wet as much as I do, but Wiki and Rabi like joining me sometimes (we are known for throwing the best pool parties on the island). I’m the official sommelier of plants and flowers around here, so if I see one I will eat it. Hopefully I will become a father in the near future, since I’m entering adulthood and can’t wait to bring little Ponchitos to the world!

My hobbies

You will always find me either playing with Bongo, or relaxing in the water. I love my Capuchin family, but I feel like only Bongo truly gets me, so we spend a lot of time together, and Raoul always joins us!

My favorite foods

Nuts are my favorite! Cashews, walnuts, almonds, and peanuts are my top favorites (in that order). I love grapes and peanut butter too. My favorite breakfast is sliced oranges, and my favorite dinner is lobsters’ legs.

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